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Mimi.ness the Unknown Witness

I'm Here To Live Out LOUD!



♥ about me

my journal is FRIENDS ONLY so remember to comment if you want to be friends o(≧∀≦)o

I love shopping even if i don't have much money, i can see the latest trends and then make my own variations from cheaper stuff. my friends tell me i like to live rich since i buy stuff that is expensive and i can't afford, so i save up and then SPEND. I love listening to maroon 5, even though their lyrics are something else. i like reading manga, common try it out. Now back to music, i like nickleback, ROCKSTAR and MY FAVOURITE DAMN DISEASE. I also like an cafe, alice nine, gazette, glay. I don't know gazette and glay that well but i like them. An Cafe <3 escapism and maple gunman are my favourites, and miku is just too cute <3 i also like the abingdon boy school, FRE@K $HOW. I also LOVE techno and trance music. Burning with desire (i don't know who its by O.o) and Pretty Rave girl, God is a Girl, Field of Dreams, Anima Libera, oh and i love most of Daft Punk, like digital love, one more time, face to face, something about us.
I love how they labeled the field , Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself:... XD i think this is enough soon. Also i love writing letters! Though sometimes i feel bad for not replying soon enough >.<
When i get out of highschool i plan to study languages, one of the main languages i want to learn is Manderine, but my friends say that it's to hard. So i used that partially as an excuse to learn Japanese. I want to learn Korean too and most of the european languages XD so wish me luck... Talk to you soon :)

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